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Hialeah Emergency Restoration Hialeah, FL 786-384-6092When you are hit by a flood or devastated by a fire, our first reaction is to go into shock mode. It renders us speechless and robs us of our mental faculties to act fast. However, we recommend that you seek help and do so immediately. All you need to do is call a professional who can start the restoration work on your destroyed property and salvage it while there is still time. However, the question is, who do you call? Which company is the right company? How do you know that the name you picked up from the local directory is the one? This is why we want you to remove the guesswork and call Hialeah Emergency Restoration. We are the best and the most reliable damage restoration and remediation company in all of Hialeah, FL area.

No matter if you have mold removal or leaky faucet on your hands; you can always call us on 786-384-6092 and count on us to provide you with expert help. We have sustained two decades of highly competitive environment by providing outstanding services and improving with time. Our clients now range from residential to commercial properties.

Our services are:

On par with industry standards:

We believe in setting benchmarks of quality and continuously meet or exceed those standards. We only hire right professionals for the job and invest in high-end equipment. We never stray from the industry standards of quality. Even though it is like walking a tight rope, we ensure that we tighten it more so that our service yardsticks are never compromised. From flood damage to mold remediation, there is nothing we cannot handle expertly.

Available round-the-clock

If only disasters announced their arrival! Don't be surprised if your property floods on a weekend or your house is gutted on Christmas! These accidents are some real possibilities and can happen anytime of the day or year. This is why Hialeah Emergency Restoration works 24/7 so that you are never stranded when you need help the most.

Aimed at your satisfaction

For us, there is nothing more crucial than the satisfaction of our customers in Hialeah, FL area. We assess our performance based on our clients’ experience with our service. We always come up with new ways to improve ourselves and enhance the level of service by using the right resources. We are not interested in profiting from our customer’s miseries. We believe in providing customer-centric assistance and give our clients to true worth of their money.

If your property is reeling under the damage of fire or water, you need to talk to us at 786-384-6092 right now!  

Water leaks detection

You may not realize this but there is a leak somewhere in your house that is compromising its structural integrity every day it goes undetected. Yes, that sound of water running is not your imagination, it is a defect in your pipe lines buried deep inside layer of walls. If you ignore it, the leak will manifest itself into much bigger issues and demand expensive upkeep. Your plumbing takes a beating and corrodes with time. It can also accumulate rust or simply fall apart at some point. As a result, what you might have is a water leakage that can cause some serious damage to your property. However, if you detect it on time, you can prevent all the problems as a result of this seepage and begin repair work immediately. Click to read more...

Flood damage restoration

Flood is a disaster, not just physically but also emotionally. Losing your valuable property to a flood can make you feel helpless and frustrated. You can stand there and gawk at the destruction or get your bearings straight to deal with it! We say, get yourself together and think straight. The longer you take to act, the more menacing this water damage can be. As a premium flood damage restoration company, we urge you to pick up that phone and dial 786-384-6092. Hialeah Emergency Restoration is a reputed name in Hialeah, FL because we take the job of providing remediation service very seriously. When you call us, no matter the time, we spring into action and deliver our best services to you in all of 30-minutes or less. We are a team of specialized professionals, equipped with state-of-the-art gear to help you tackle the issue. Click to read more...

Mold remediation

Mold is one of the most commonly available bacteria in the environment. However, their growth depends on certain factors, such as availability of organic material (wood, water etc.) to feed and damp spots to latch on to. Once it gets the setting it needs, mold can proliferate to dangerously high levels within 48-72 hours. This parasite may seem harmless by the looks of it, but it can cause much serious damage to you and your property. From weakening the structural strength to causing respiratory problems, mold stops at nothing in making your home unlivable. Click to read more...

Water damage restoration

A broken or burst pipe can be a much bigger problem than you anticipated. While you sit there and think what to do, the inflow of water enters your home and starts destroying anything and everything that it touches. Rather than wasting your time contemplating your next action, call a professional! Click to read more...

Fire damage restoration

How long do you think it takes for a spark to become a flame and then a raging fire? By the time you realize what struck you, your property has already been claimed by the flares. It not only takes down everything you ever adored, but also your recollections and all the footprints that years of memories left behind. Fire is the most menacing of all the disasters. While water may take a while to to cause damage, fire can engulf everything that is unfortunate enough to be in its path. However, Hialeah Emergency Restoration may just be able to help you here! We have equipment and the experience to restore semblance into your life following a fire damage accident. Click to read more...

Reconstruction and remodeling

Over the years, your property must have lost its original integrity, its shine and its splendor. It is now ailing and in serious need of repair. Property needs to be maintained regularly to preserve its aesthetic appeal and also structural strength. Poor upkeep is the easiest way to thrust your property in the hands of gradual degradation. At the same time, if you are even unlucky enough to be hit by fire or water damage, it can lead to your property’s collapse quickly. This is why it is recommended to consider remodeling from time to time. Click to read more...