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With skyscrapers dotting the landscape and pristine waters kissing the horizon, Miami-Dade County is a sight to behold for first-timers and locals alike. This subtropical destination attracts tourists from all the over the world and has a history of its own that makes it an ideal travel destination for many. However, despite all its natural aesthetics, Miami-Dade County often finds itself in conflict. Its geographical location is such that it gets sun and storm in equal measure. The county may have progressed over the years, but despite its development, it still remains nature’s adversary. The life of locals gets disrupted time and again, leaving them high and dry at the hands of Katrina, Wilma, Irma, Andrew and more such devastating storms.

Impediments to progress:

Miami-Dade County has witnessed substantial growth in all these years, but its progress didn’t come without its own fair share of hurdles. It goes all the way back to Great Depression when the county saw first streaks of impediments. As if that crippling historical event wasn’t enough, Miami-Dade has often been subjected to devastating hurricanes such as Andrew in 1992 and several more that slowed its growth. However, despite all its setbacks, the county has always found a way to spring back into action. Miami-Dade has learnt from every event and has evolved to fit into the disaster-prone landscape. To help the community stand tall in the face of destruction, disaster management companies like Hialeah Emergency Restoration play a huge rule. We have worked through all these years, restoring balance into the lives of people and helping its residents cope with destruction of all magnitudes.

Where and how have we served?

We have been in business long enough for Miami-Dade to realize our role in helping them through disasters of all shapes and sizes. From leak detection to mold removal, we are the one-stop-shop for our clients in Miami-Dade.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • Hurricane Wilma: In 2005, Wilma came with a torrential force and took down with it power lines, trees and all that lay in its path. It flooded the residential area and brought businesses to a halt. The only thing working at that time was our phone line - 786-384-6092. We helped our clients in Miami-Dade to handle the destruction, get rid of flood water, fix the damage and recover insurance money.
  • Brush fire: This one was as recent as May 2017 when thousands of acres of lands was consumed by fire fueled by high winds and dry weather. While the fire was contained, the smoke dealt a heavy blow to buildings in the vicinity. We sprung into action by performing extensive cleanup and kept the damage to a bare minimum.

The all-round solution provider:

We are an all-round service provider with facilities to handle anything from water damage restoration to rebuilding/reconstruction jobs. If you need reliable professionals in Miami-Dade County, you know whom to call!

We provide services in the following locales:

Hialeah, FL, Coral Gables, FL, Homestead, FL, Key Biscayne, FL, Miami, FL, Miami Beach, FL, Miami Gardens, FL, North Miami Beach, FL

You can turn to us for the following:

Hialeah Emergency Restoration Hialeah, FL 786-384-6092

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Flood restoration and remediation
  • Smoke and soot cleanup
  • Non-invasive water leak identification
  • Mold detection and removal
  • Safe disposal of infected materials
  • De-sanitization of property
  • Flood water extraction
  • Drying using advanced equipment
  • Remodeling & Reconstruction

If you need a restoration professional anytime, anywhere in Miami-Dade County, call us at 786-384-6092.