Hialeah Emergency Restoration - Fire Damage Restoration


How long do you think it takes for a spark to become a flame and then a raging fire? By the time you realize what struck you, your property has already been claimed by the flares. It not only takes down everything you ever adored, but also your recollections and all the footprints that years of memories left behind. Fire is the most menacing of all the disasters. While water may take a while to to cause damage, fire can engulf everything that is unfortunate enough to be in its path. However, Hialeah Emergency Restoration may just be able to help you here! We have equipment and the experience to restore semblance into your life following a fire damage accident.

The collateral damage done:

Hialeah Emergency Restoration Hialeah, FL 786-384-6092To an inexperienced person, the damage caused by fire is irretrievable. However, did you know that not taking corrective measures in time can cause more damage? You can prevent a lot of that collateral damage by hiring a restoration expert from us. We will come equipped with all the tools that will help us remove ash, smoke and residue that the fire left behind. Not only does fire alone cause the damage, even the chemicals and water used to put out that fire can be just as destructive.

While there is very little you can do to save the items that have been turned to ashes, you can save the ones that are salvageable and protect others from collateral damage. No matter where you are in Hialeah, FL, we will always be there to help you!

After a fire: What to do first?

As soon as the fire is doused, the first step should be to call your insurance company and report the fire incident. The next step is to call our professional fire damage restoration company at 786-384-6092 and wait for us to tackle the situation. Since it is not safe to be inside or anywhere near your property, it is better to wait until experts arrive. We have a 30-minute service guarantee and work 24/7 so that you are never too far away from help when you need it. As soon as you call us, our expert will come equipped with all the necessary tools and assess the damage to begin restoration process. In case of structural damage, we can also reconstruct the ruined sections.

What we do?

Since time is of essence, we send a team of experienced professionals who not only clean the mess, but also restore and reconstruct your building, if required. Hialeah Emergency Restoration goes by the following process:

  • Fire damage cleanup:
    We perform rigorous clean up to remove soot and ash left behind by the fire. We also sterilize your property of any residual smoke and grime.
  • Removing Debris:
    ​All the items that are damaged and cannot be saved will be safely disposed. The repairable items will be repaired and the replaceable will be replaced.
  • Deodorization
    Don't let smoky smell choke you! We will also deodorize your property after the fire so that it smells fresh again.

It may be hard to recover from a fire damage, but it is not impossible! We are here in Hialeah, FL area, always just a call away to help you get over this dark episode. So what are you waiting for? Call us at 786-384-6092 and allow yourself to get over the accident!