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Hialeah Emergency Restoration Hialeah, FL 786-384-6092Mold is one of the most commonly available bacteria in the environment. However, their growth depends on certain factors, such as availability of organic material (wood, water etc.) to feed and damp spots to latch on to. Once it gets the setting it needs, mold can proliferate to dangerously high levels within 48-72 hours. This parasite may seem harmless by the looks of it, but it can cause much serious damage to you and your property. From weakening the structural strength to causing respiratory problems, mold stops at nothing in making your home unlivable.

Why let it grow and eat into your lives when you can call Hialeah Emergency Restoration and remove it from your life effectively? We are experts of mold remediation in Hialeah, FL and available to you 24/7 on 786-384-6092.

What are the causes of mold?

Water leaks: Leaks are one of the biggest reasons for mold formation. They can get worse if the leak goes undetected. This is why it is important to detect the leak in time to prevent it.

Condensation: Window sills or cold water metal pipes can experience condensation that can lead to mold growth.

Poor ventilation: Lack of air flow allows the fungus to plant itself in dank spots thus proving to be the perfect environment for mold growth.

Humidity: If your home or office is extremely humid inside, there is a good chance that mold is already festering in it. It is no news that this fungus usually thrives in such a setting.

How do I know if there’s mold in my property?

Sometimes mold is visible, sometimes it is not. It is the hidden one that you should worry about! They take the longest to get detected and cause the maximum damage. Here are some telltale signs that help you identify the problem:

#1) There’s been some damage

If you have recently faced water damage, then there is a good chance of mold in your property. Look for damp or wet areas such as the attic or basement with a source of water. If you notice damp spots or stains on the walls, then mold may have already appeared.

#2) You can smell mold

Mold has a dank smell that can be easily told apart from a natural odorless environment. In case of hidden mold, this distinctive smell may be your only clue.

#3) You or someone else is sick

Do you have sinuses that flair up as soon as you enter home? Do you face breathing problems? Do you notice itchiness and redness on your skin? All of these signs indicate towards presence of mold and could be the reason why you have witnessed frequent episodes of headache.

I suspect there’s mold. What do I do?

Even if you see the mold formation, don't try to deal with it on your own. What you see in mold growth is actually a problem that runs much deeper than you think it does. Cleaning the surface with bleach will only deal with half of the problem, the bigger issue remains undetected still. Proper correction method would involve looking for the source of mold and fixing that along with bacteria and all the other damage caused by it. This is why you need professionals like Hialeah Emergency Restoration that provide turnkey mold remediation services in all of Hialeah, FL area.

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